Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Circuit rug

Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Circuit rug 1


A.Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Circuit rug

Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Circuit rug A rug is a piece of material which has been stitched together to create a decorative floor covering. The word “rug” originates from the French word ‘rouge’ meaning red because rugs were mostly made out of wool dyed in bright colors or with natural dyes. Rugs are used for many reasons, such as adding color to the room, decoration, insulation, and comfort underfoot. They can be found all over the world with different designs based on region and culture. Some common types of rugs include carpeting , prayer mats , kilims , tapestries, doormats , runners , bathmats .
Rug-making is an ancient craft where people use materials like cotton yarns or animal furs Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Circuit rug

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Yas Marina Abu Dhabi Circuit rug1

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