Sublime band bleach shirt

Sublime band bleach shirt


A. Sublime band bleach shirt

Sublime band bleach shirt. If you have a bleach stained shirt, then you know how frustrating it is to try and remove the stains. Bleach doesn’t just stain clothes, but it will also cause your clothes to smell funky if left on for too long. Luckily there are three ways that you can use to remove these pesky stains from your favorite t-shirt! First start by soaking the shirt in cold water with some dish soap overnight. Next morning rinse out the shirt thoroughly with cold water before putting it into the washing machine. Finally, once dry lay the t-shirt flat over an old towel or surface where any remaining residue can be scraped off of your now clean white t-shirts! Now go ahead and enjoy wearing those shirts again without worrying about getting. Sublime band bleach shirt.

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Sublime band bleach shirt
Sublime band bleach shirt

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