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I Could Shit A Better President capThe reason cap levels are so important to investors is that they help define what an achievable amount of growth can be. Investors want to know that their portfolio can grow to a point where it will be able to comfortably handle any sort of financial fluctuations that may occur in the market. In this regard, cap levels are used to provide investors with a visual reference to the potential profitability of a company. Unfortunately, there is a lot of volatility in the stock market, especially right now. Many smaller companies often go through long and short quarters during which their stock price can experience major swings. If an investor is able to ride out these fluctuations, he or she can ultimately develop a very attractive risk/reward portfolio.

I Could Shit A Better President capThere are actually some companies that use the cap word regularly, although they are not called cap stocks. These types of investments are referred to as equity stocks. For example, there are companies like Enron that are classified as having no current value on the stock market and as such, their cap does not exist. The stock actually exists only in relation to the cap on the books of the company.

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I Could Shit A Better President cap


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