American Cowboy Grommet Flag

American Cowboy Grommet Flag


A.American Cowboy Grommet Flag

American Cowboy Grommet Flag “I’m not sure what it is about flags, but they always seem to grab my attention. I see them all over the place: at schools, on cars and houses, in parades- even outside of sporting events! Everywhere you look there’s a flag flying high. What do they say to us? They’re symbols that represent something important.”

“Flags can be found everywhere from national governments to small businesses and everything in between. These simple pieces of cloth with colors and shapes have the power to make people feel proud or cheer for their team.” “The use of flags as we know them today originated from ancient Rome where soldiers would stitch colored strips onto their garments so they could distinguish themselves on the battlefield.” “What message should

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American Cowboy Grommet Flag
American Cowboy Grommet Flag
American Cowboy Grommet Flag
American Cowboy Grommet Flag

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American Cowboy Grommet Flag

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